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DHT (DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION TECHNIQUE)/Simultaneous Hair Implantation (SHI) or Direct hair implantation (DHI) –

Direct hair transplantation is a modification of FUE technique. In normal FUE the all hairs (grafts) are harvested from donor area and kept them in graft holding solution, and then after making holes in recipient area these graft implantation done. So in normal FUE grafts are remains outside body for 1-4 hrs.

In DHT hairs are harvested with same technique as in FUE but grafts are implanted to recipient area without delay (grafts are implanted simultaneously with the extraction), it further reduces the total time of surgery and also out of body time of grafts. It improves the results of hair transplant

The most important advantage of direct hair implantation is, it reduces “out of body time” of follicles to increase graft survival rate.

Many factors of low survival, graft drying and desiccation, hypoxia, infection, heating, storage injuries are bypass in DHT.


The Direct Hair Transplant is basically effort to minimize storage time of graft outside your body. It maximizes the chances of survival of all grafts over FUE where we usually calculate 1 % per hour as Death rate of grafts stored outside the body. Other advantage of Direct Hair Implantation is that the number of hair shedding initially after normal hair transplant decreases significantly and results are faster than normal FUE.

We use a special device to do direct/simultaneous hair follicle implantation. This reduces graft our body time and improves hair transplant result.