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BIO Enriched Hair Transplant (BHT)

In BHT platelets are extracted from patient’s blood sample and then prepared and activated. These Activated platelets release growth factors that stimulate stem cells of follicles,That boost up hair growth.

At Kosmetic Clinique, we use Powered Hair Transplant method. In this we use PRP Therapy in graft recipient area before hair transplant to prepare recipient area and After harvesting follicles, they are kept in specialized graft holding solution. This solution provides energy and essential nutrients to follicles thereby combating the ischemic effect. We implant all hair follicles using ‘no root touch technique’ with choi implanter, so the most important delicate portion of the hair follicle is not touched at all. These things enhance the ultimate outcome of hair transplant.

Top Benefits of BIO Enriched Hair Transplant

• Helps in getting beautiful hair with amazing quality

• Because of the stimulation of the stem cells, the miniature hair follicles also start growing after the boost and becomes adult hair

• Balanced level of constant hair growth