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Since hair transplant surgery revolves around extracting healthy follicles from the donor area of the scalp and then implanting them to the recipient area, it often involves shaving off the head. While this might be a problem for a lot of people, it is especially hard for women who suffer from post- burn Alopecia and want instant visible results out of the procedure. In this method, we transplant grafts with a long hair shaft.

What is Long hair transplantation?

Long hair transplantation is a hair transplant method by which we can see the great results straight after the procedure. In this procedure, long hairs will be collected from the donor area and planted in the recipient scalp.

Why long hair transplantation?

The long hair transplantation is quite similar to other hair transplant procedures the way it does. The medical device, pre, and post hair transplantation precautions are similar to other hair transplant methods. In long hair transplantation, unlike the other hair transplant procedures, donor hair will not be shaved, and the length of the donor hair maintained throughout the procedure. Since the hair is not shaved, the Patient is not required to wait for months to see the difference, results can see immediately. The hair seen on the scalp immediately post-treatment, however, are temporary, and often come off with the scabs within a few weeks. But, by that time, the growth of new hair has started, and you will be able to see permanent hair growth in no time. However, it takes 6 to months for the transplanted hair to set well and grow healthy.

Advantages of Long Hair Transplantation

People who want to have quick results with hair transplantation choose long hair transplant. They can see the immediate results with a long hair transplant and leaves the clinic with a smile.

With the long hair on the transplanted area, it’s difficult for anybody to find the red marks left behind the procedure, difficult to identify that they have undergone hair transplantation.

With long hair transplantation, you can get a head full of hair in 1 day.

Precaution of Long Hair Transplantation

Not all clinics are offering long hair transplantation because it is a little difficult and time taking procedure, for that need an experienced hair transplant surgeon. KOSMETIC CLINIQUE is offering long hair transplantation by an experienced hair transplant surgeon. So you need to make sure that you are consulting and taking long hair transplantation by the right doctor.