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Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is any combination of cosmetic procedures that restore your before-pregnancy appearance, typically focusing on the breasts and abdomen. A typical makeover might include a tummy tuck, a breast procedure such as an augmentation, lift or reduction and liposuction of the legs, arms or trunk.

Do You Miss Your Pre-Pregnancy Body?

You devote so much of yourself and your resources to your children – from time and energy to money and miles on the car. You feel great about keeping your family healthy & happy. But in all that you do, your own health & wellbeing gets a little lost sometimes. What if you could take great care of your own wellbeing along with the household work? That’s what A mommy makeover exactly for!

A Choice to Consider

More than ever, you have exciting options to reverse the clock & those unwanted signs of child bearing. A mommy makeover isn’t a procedure itself. In fact, it’s one of many plastic surgery procedures we offer as part of our practice. Each person is unique, that’s why you must consult with a good surgeon before going forward with any procedure. Below are some of the procedures commonly involved in a mommy makeover. Each addresses different areas of the body affected by pregnancy and giving birth. Again, you may only require one or all of these procedures to restore your body’s appearance after pregnancy-

1. Breast Lift (Mastopexy) with or without Breast Augmentation
2. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
3. Liposuction

Breast Augmentation

Pregnancy is a double whammy on the breasts. Not only does it lead to breast tissue atrophy, but it also leads to stretching and sagging. Breast implants can easily and safely restore volume to the breasts, but only a breast lift can correct the sagging.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Unfortunately, the breasts are not the only body part that sags after pregnancy. The abdomen is hit just as hard with stretch marks and sagging skin. When the abdominal skin is stretched to its limit over and over again through multiple pregnancies, it eventually reaches a point when it cannot bounce back (no matter how many crunches you do!).


Most mommies have a hard time losing the last bit of “baby weight” on their hips, arms and thighs, and liposuction can remove that stubborn fat faster than any personal trainer! It effectively removes fat that cannot be lost by diet or exercise. In addition, the fat cells that are removed are gone forever.

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplsty

A protuberant abdomen can be a cause of distress and low self esteem in men and women. It can be the result of excess fat, weak abdominal muscles, pregnancy or over stretched skin after massive weight loss.

For those who have over hanging skin after massive weight loss tummy tuck is the only option. Tummy tuck by removing excessive skin and fat will enhance your figure and self confidence.

Are you Good Candidate for Mommy-Makeover?

You may be a good candidate for Mommy-Makeover If pregnancy or childbirth have taken a toll on your breasts and midsection. You may choose to have a breast lift with or without augmentation, to lift your breasts and restore or create a voluptuous shape. When you combine this with a procedure to whittle your waist, such as a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with or without liposuction, this is combination of surgical procedures is called a mommy makeover. The breast surgery addresses sagging and loss of volume. The tummy tuck removes loose or sagging skin on the abdominal wall. The overall goal of a mommy makeover is lifted, full breasts and a tight abdomen. The breast lift procedure is done on an outpatient basis under sedation and local or general anesthesia.

Abdominoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia either within the hospital or in an outpatient setting. (Mini-abdominoplasties can be performed under sedation and local anesthesia .