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We are the leading brand in Hair Transplantation in India.

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Welcome to Kosmetic Clinique

Congratulations, for taking a step towards more beautiful and confidant new you with modern cosmetic science. Thanking you for choosing us as your first choice for your treatment.

Kosmetic Clinique welcome you and we are happy to serving you. Your safety and satisfaction are our primary MOTO.

Kosmetic Clinique is internationally recognised for providing world’s best aesthetic Hair Transplant and other cosmetic surgery services under one roof Globally. We are the leading brand in Hair Transplantation in India. That’s why first choice of most of men and women of Agra. Kosmetic Clinique is well known for high density and natural looking results.

Kosmetic Clinique is equipped with state of art infra structure with worlds best technologies. At Kosmetic Clinique U.K. standard hygiene is maintained to provide most hygienic and safe environment.Your safety and satisfaction is our priority, That’s by our clinic is fully equipped with all emergency equipment and ICU facilities and we follow all NMC guidelines for safety of our esteemed clients.

All Hair Transplantation, Cosmetic and Plastic surgery procedures at Kosmetic Clinique are done by highly professionally experienced qualified M.Ch Plastic Surgeon DR. Ajay Singhal only.

Kosmetic Clinique is one of the best and oldest Hair Transplant center in Agra city, run by most experienced and highly qualified doctors, serving for more then 10 Years. During this Time we have earned more trust of our patients. We are considered as a most reliable Hair Transplant and Cosmetic surgery center with consistent results, By Doctor and team that work with dedication and honesty.

One of the main factors when choosing a medical institution by patients is the experience, professionalism and behavior of Doctor and Staff. At our centerall operations are performed by our M.Ch Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ajay Singhal. They have done more then 1000+ successful Hair Transplant and Cosmetic and Plastic surgery procedures.

Despite of high level of infra structure, facilities and highly qualified and experienced surgeon, we have reasonable prices. Good relationship and serving to humanity is our Moto.

People believe us because we provide best Hair Transplant results with natural look. Most of our patients are choose us by word of mouth through previous satisfied patients.

Our specialty is in natural look and high density.

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Our Services

Kosmetic Clinique is one of the best and oldest Hair Transplant center in Agra city, run by most experienced and highly qualified doctors, serving for more then 10 Years. During this Time we have earned more trust of our patients. We are considered as a most reliable Hair Transplant and Cosmetic surgery center with consistent results, By Doctor and team that work with dedication and honesty.

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure to restore your hair in bald area permanently with natural hair that will grow and you can have any hair style as you want.

Hair transplant is the most effective and best solution for baldness. It would surely be a life changing experience to increase self esteem of a person who really want hair on their bald head and fluent them with different styles.

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PRP Therapy / Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Therapy is a nonsurgical procedure to reduce hair loss and enhance the “HAIR FOLLICLES” to make the hair thicker and stronger.

In Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy activated Platelets are injected in Scalp. The Growth factors of platelets stimulates stem cells in the Hair roots. This prevent hairloss and improve hair growth.

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Cosmetology / Laser / Peel

The word LASER is an acronym for Light, Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Today advanced Laser Technology allow us to safely, easily and effectively treat many benign skin lesions unwanted hair and tattoo painlessly on day care basis.

The various skin lesions treated by Laser are birth mark, Acne and trauma scars, unwanted hairs and tatoo. To treat these Lesions different Laser in use are Argon, Nd-YAG, CO2 Laser and microdermabration.

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Cosmetic Surgery


Dimple Creation

A cute desirable cheek dimple is one which appears on smiling and makes the smile carry lot more happiness!

A dimple is anatomically an abnormal attachment of the smile muscle (zygomaticus) to the cheek skin, which pulls that part of the cheek when smiling.

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery

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Why Choose Us

Why people believe that we are among one of the Best Hair Transplantation Centre of India.

Real role of doctor in execution of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is highly experience demanding procedure. Good naturally looking Hair Transplant need properly designed and reconstruction of new hair line, specific angle and tilt of slit for graft and properly calculated density as in natural hair. AT, Kosmetic Clinique all Hair Transplants is done by ISHRS protocol by highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeon Dr.Ajay Singhal.

Hair Transplant by Latest Technologyt

Kosmetic Clinic incorporate all latest Technologies- S.A.F.E.R(ROBOTIC). Powered Hair Transplant(PHT), Graft harvesting under microscope,Use of specialized graft holding solution and ‘NO ROOT TOUCH’ Technique for implantation. We use almost all method FUT,FUE,BHT, Robotic, simultaneous implant and long hair transplant according to patient need.

Natural looking Results

Kosmetic Clinique is known for natural hair transplant results. Special hair line design, Giga sessions(>4000 grafts) in single sitting(S.A.F.E.R ROBOTIC method have edge over normal FUE by having more volume of hair in same number of grafts by less transection rate) help in advance grade hair loss treatment.

Patient Safety

At Kosmetic Clinique your safety is our first priority. We properly evaluate the patient prior to surgery, maintain U. K standard hygiene and monitoring, well equipped to deal any emergency with ICU facilities in same hospital and we follow all NMC Guidelines

Affordable Cost and Free of Cost Repair

Along with the Best Hair Transplant services,we provide most cost-effective Treatment. Our affordable Treatment with state of art technology is our USP. For which people travel to us from all across the country. Hair Transplant result depend on many factors other than technical factors like quality of hair in your donor area, tendency of fibrosis or scaring in recipient area, interaction of graft with skin and many external factors. At Kosmetic Clinique we assure more than 95% hairs are grow, we have policy of free of cost repair if transplanted hair does not grow. We don’t leave you if you are not satisfied with your transplant result.

Transparent Things and Family Environment

Before surgery each and every aspect regarding possible result, procedure, hair line, follow up. Charges(no hidden charges). future planning is discussed with patient. We demonstrate live procedure to patient, so they can understand our services and procedure and can take right decision by seeing everything self.

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Nikhil Bansal

IT Engineer

Thank you dr. Ajay, I was very worried about my hair transplant and have lot of quiries. Dr.Ajay explained me to each and every thing about hair transplantation Procedure before and after and you and team behave like a family members . I think this behaviour is appreciable and each and every doctor should explain each and every thing like Kosmetic Clinique.


Self Employed

Thank you Dr. Ajay from bottom of my heart for the great job you have done on me. My results of Hair Transplant have been fantastic, and everyone who is meeting me after a few months are surprised to see the change in my face. It has brought so much of confidence in my life, and I am a changed personality. I cannot express words of gratitude, and will be ever obliged of you.

Patient 3

Self Employed

Things are going well. Had wash done yesterday and it is healing nicely. No pain at all, no swelling, and the best part is my worry lines and forehead wrinkles are almost gone. I can’t say enough about my whole experience with you all. Your whole staff are so gracious and proficient and caring and they made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The best!!!!

Vishnu Datt


I’m doing well. Scabs from grafts appear to be almost gone. Some larger ones remain.


Hotel Manager

Dr. Ajay let me know you , that in my opinion the staff of Kosmetic Clinique is fantastic. Each and every person in your office has been extremely friendly and professional and try to make this experience as comfortable as possible. In my memory I don’t recall ever having been treated so well.


Self Employed

This is not enough to repay you, but it’s a start – Thank You!I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and friendly service that all of you showed me while I was operated by you .

Piyush Sharma

Self Employed

Was scared before coming , had lots of doubts, confused but finally met you. Your confident and experienced make me comfortable and most important thing I was scared in the middle of the surgery and he assured me there would not be pain and I m happy that you did it. Your all staff are well behaved and caring so no need to worry about any thing. and last awaiting for the result  and hope for the best . In all I had a great time here and never feel and treated like a patient..Thanks!!!


Self Employed

My experience was outstanding! From the moment I met Dr.Ajay, I was comfortable. He explained the procedure, answered questions and made his recommendations. During the procedure he was informative, gentle, professional, and demonstrated his concern for me and my well-being. He called me several times after the procedure to make sure all was well AND he provided me with his personal telephone number if I needed to call him. The result of my procedure is quite remarkable. My hair salon professional has remarked at how natural the result is and commented that he would not even know I had this procedure done had I not told him. My experience with Kosmetic clinique is one of the best doctor/patient experiences I have yet to have. Thank you Dr. Ajay!

Patient 9

Govt. Administrator

Dr. Ajay is great. My hair transplant went just as he said it would and a year later at age 52 I now have a new hairline and no one has ever suspected that I had a transplant. He is an artist and a perfectionist. Before going to him, I had met with 3 other doctors, but only cosmetic clinique created the comfort level that allowed me to go through with the procedure. Truly one of the best self help decisions I've ever made. I used to look in the mirror and dread my ever increasing scalp. Now I look in the mirror and can't believe my perfectly age appropriate hairline. Thanks Dr. Ajay


Physical Trainer

I am happy to inform that all the commitments given to me on day 1 were adhered to and the entire team @ cosmetic clinique including support staff were so courteous and caring. I would recommend cosmetic clinique to every one who seek commitment , professionalism and care.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Q.1. Does the implanted hair continue growing?

    The implanted hair is taken from the donor area that is genetically different (resistant to balding) from frontal scalp area. Therefore, the implanted hair continues to grow all the patient’s life and it can be treated like natural hair for all purposes – haircuts, shaving, dyeing etc.

  • As long as the patient carries out the doctor’s instructions, With an experience surgeon, the transplant most of time will successful and in most of instances it is impossible to tell that the patient had under gone a hair transplant. But some time with unexperience surgeon/ technician it may be unnatural or transplanted hair not grow at all.

  • The hair transplant is carried out under local anaesthetic and therefore there is no need for hospitalization. At the conclusion of the transplant, the patient is free to go home, also can drive and return to activity a day later.

  • During the first week there are wounds that change into scabs in the implanted area, and therefore one should wear a cap in order to hide them. He can return to his regular routine on very next day. It is recommended to abstain from vigorous physical activity involving the upper part of the body for two weeks, thus allowing the recuperation to be faster and more successful.

  • The transplant is conducted under a local anaesthesia and done by means of tiny injections into the donor area from which the hair is taken and into the implant area. Afterwards the patient does not feel any pain, can watch a movie, listen to music and relax.

  • There are no long lasting side effects. In particular case swelling does appear in the area around the forehead and eyelids after the transplant, but disappears two days later – nowadays swelling is prevented mostly by affixing a special adhesive dressing to the upper forehead for 2 days, in addition to an anti-swelling medication.



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